Bonfire Night 2015

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

Better known to our UK Blog readers as Bonfire Night.  The traditions over the years have become – bonfires, fireworks, warm soup and crusty bread.  Oh and maybe, just maybe, a cup of hot chocolate with extra cream and marshmallows.

We have many stories of celebrations over the years, one of which was indoor fireworks.   Yep, fireworks for use in the house!  These were nothing like the rockets, Catherine Wheels and sparklers we traditionally have outdoors.  They were tame in comparison – when lit, they created rather a lot of smoke, popped, crackled, foam that grew and most of all made us laugh so much it was a memorable year!  This evening, celebrations are already underway in the village and, well lets just say it feels and sounds like a few rockets are landing on the roof.

The weather, has changed since the start of November, the cold is starting to slowly but surely catch around the ears.  It is the time of year when, if we haven’t already, we look for the Autumn scarves and hats.

We have been busy making a few new items for ourselves.  The first three are handmade knitted headbands for Adults, in lovely Autumn and Tweed color ways.  Some with flowers, some with Pom Poms. These are being road tested by ourselves!  Thought we would share a few pictures – We are not brave brave enough for a selfie!

Well it’s that time when we will be wrapping up warm, hope the rainy weather doesn’t affect your bonfires too much.  Please think of the hedgehogs before you set a match to the bonfires tonight and ensure all pets are indoors.  But, most of all enjoy those celebrations and stay safe.

We will blog about some new books we have read over the next few days…

❤ Serendipity ❤  x


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