What is on your Reading list?

Books, Books, Books!

Over the past month we have read, and attempted to read, a few books.  We thought we would share our thoughts with you.

The Girl on the Train: Paula Hawkins

You’ve probably read several reviews already and there’s not much more to add other than we loved it and highly recommend. 

    Maud has Dementia and is forgetful. But she knows her friend, Elizabeth, is missing and she is determined to find her after 70 years. Sadly, we struggled with this book, due to the topic of Dementia.  Although we persevered and attempted on several occasions to read – at Chapter 5 we failed.  Not sure if we will attempt to read again. But equally, it would be unfair to the author to give a review. One for you to make your mind up on. 

    The Lonely Girl by Josephine Cox. 

    We hadn’t read any of Cox’s books before this was our first. It was Book of the Week in Sainsbury’s and fell into the basket with our food shopping (as books do – almost as if they have wings!). It’s about a young girl Rosie, her mother hates her and her father is very protective of her.  Then one night things change, from here the book stays close to you!  The story unravels….. It’s such an easy reading book, there is an early chapter where Rosie’s mother is cruel to her when she came home from school and it was very difficult to read but this was the only incident in the book. Would Recommend. 

    The Ice Twins: S L Tremayne   

    One identical twin died in an accident, but which one?  The story is told through two people – the mother and a third person gives the fathers story.  Someone knows the truth but is it the mother or father? The surviving twin goes through quite an ordeal – which twin is she? The family move to one of a remote Scottish Islands, they inherited, where they are isolated. And so the twists and turns of the psychological thriller start. Highly recommend this book. Loved reading it, gripped from start to finish and read in two days. One of those books that can’t be put down. 

    Where do we buy our books?

    Supermarkets (with the weekly shop!), yes the book just drops into the shopping basket, like magic!

    The Works: They have many amazing deals (the titles may not be current); 

    The Book Depository: Links to books above (free postage to UK and also very good discounts on new books). 

    We have several books in the reading pile so watch this space for a few more reviews. 

    We are also open to recommendations. Please leave a comment if you have some good reads for us. 

    Serendipity ❤ x

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