Handmade Christmas Decorations #1 – Angels

Christmas 2015: Angels and Fairy Lights

Hark the Herald Angels Sing….

We love Christmas and the preparations that take place.  We love our handmade Christmas Decorations and this year we have been working on a number of Christmas Decorations to share with you.  

We have a number of crafts across the Serendipity Family – sewing, knitting, design, light shades and crochet to name but a few.  It is so good to know the family gene has been inherited from past generations and they remain with our mother and both her daughters.  We each specialise in different crafts.

Over the coming weeks and months we will blog and share with you more of our crafts.  We must remember to share our attempt at needle felting with you – gasps!

One of our crafts is Crochet, a skill that has been handed down from our Great Grandmother.  Last year, we started crocheting and this year we have been making a number of Christmas Decorations. That we will share with you to the build up of Christmas.

Today we share with you our Crocheted handmade Angels, these are both single hanging ornaments and also made into bunting.  

The picture shows five angels made into bunting (approx 1m long).  They are made out of white yarn with a fine silver thread mixed in, they sparkle under the lights.  They can also be made as single angels for hanging ornaments.

Oh the mini Lantern lights, they are a must buy from Sainsbury’s.  Another item that flew into our weekly food.

Thank you for reading, would love for you to share your thoughts on these.

❤ Serendipity ❤


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