Garden Planning 2016 #2

Spring Is Here

Photo Credit 📸 Flower Girl Los Angeles 

We shared this stunning bridal head dress yesterday evening on our Instagram feed @serendipity_loves how gorgeous are those roses 💓💕 we love pink! 
Spring is well and truly with us. But then again so are the April showers. Yes, we are glad we didn’t put away the umbrellas with our Winter coats and boots!

Photo Credit 📸 Taken from Pinterest. 

The bluebells, tulips, magnolia and clematis are in bud. Much excitement watching them flourish. 

We much prefer to clear the garden when the ground is a little damp. It makes weeding and preparing the ground so much easier. This week, we managed to disturb a frog which was hibernating in the soil. You learn something new every day, we had no idea they buried themselves in the earth. He was safety left to sleep!

We are planning to make changes this year to the garden. Nothing major, just different plants and trying to plan rather than the haphazard planting. 

It’s still to early to plant or sow seeds directly into the ground, still a few frosts about that make the ground to cold. Although as we are preparing the ground the slug pellets are already being scattered. Last year, they munched way too many plants! This years plan is to reduce them in numbers before planting and sowing. Fingers crossed. 👍🏻

We’ve started buying seeds, compost and pots. Shortly these will be in the greenhouse.  Sweet Peas, Snapdragons, wild flowers, poppies to name but a few. 

Hope your gardens are taking shape. 

Xx Serendipity xX


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