Throws, Throws, Throws


We’ve been busy completing several crochet work in progress, we have had on the go and in the stash for sometime. 

The first is the white cotton blanket. We had originally intended to make the Byhaffner blanket. Love this pattern and how it forms diamond shapes when joined.  After making four squares which took me sometime (only been crocheting six months when I started it) I realised it would be one of those that would take me ages. So I opted to join the four to make a cushion. Then decided to. Add a border of double crochet and voilà it turned it to a throw. And I love it. 

By contrast the second, is navy with pastel sunburst squares of lemon, pink, white, mauve, blue and mint. It’s made from Baby Ice Yarn. I ordered the Navy and pink direct from Turkey and surprising it arrived in three days. There website is a must, reasonable cotton. Always look at the sale page! 

With the help and photos from …. I joined the squares using a double crochet and bordered on pink and navy. Another throw I love. This one is in the bedroom and brings out the Farrow and Ball Calamine wall. 

Our next project….. We are trying something new…. Watch this space. It may or may not work. But it’s fun planning and so far I have the fabric. 

Update soon. 

Serendipity Loves x

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