Serendipity Loves


About Us

Just before Christmas we launched our new logo. Since then we have maintained our Instagram feed full of inspirational home ideas. And last week hit our second milestone of over 2000 followers. Thank you!  We have had The page running for sometime now. Possibly a year if not longer…. We love sharing design inspiration. 

What does Serendipity Mean?

Horace Walpole invented the word Serendipity and it is “The faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident”

This is the experience we would like you to have from our personal creations and interactions with us. 

We aim to make and share with you unique and wonderful things. 

Our Blog 

Today we have been working on our blog schedule for the next few months. It has been great to have so many of you contact us with things you would like us to write on.  Please do keep the ideas flooding in. 

We love the blue birds picture on our Instagram feed. 

Our Website

We have also been working on our new website. We are not the best at technology.  We have had a few delays, due to family ill-health, since we first announced we were going to do this after Christmas. Hoping we are all on the right healthy path. Fingers crossed. 

Exciting times ahead. 

Serendipity Loves xx

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