National Gardening Week 11 – 17 April 2016

Love the Garden. 

Photo Credit 📸 Nicholas Haslam Ltd (Simon Upton)

Earlier today we posted this gorgeous entrance over on our Instagram account @serendipity_loves This is the Garden designed by Paolo Moschino – Nicholas Haslam Ltd. 

Your Garden 

A garden is an external room to your house, this brick arched entrance with green wooden gated provides a welcoming entrance. Would you like to peep around the corner and see more?  

We certainly would. 

The Front 
A snippet of inside 

Photo Credit 📸 Nicholas Haslam Ltd (Simon Upton)

And that is it! 😍 A Sussex Farmhouse that is just breath taking.

Whilst we pack our bags, ready to move in to this farmhouse!  We will leave you with five gardening tips that work a treat for this time of year. 

Gardening Tips 

1.  Whilst we start sowing seeds in the greenhouse this time of year. We keep some seeds and bulbs aside and sow in May. We tried this for the first time last year and we had blooms right through to the end of August into early September. It works a treat for Sweet Peas. 

2.  We, like many, always find it difficult to know when to plant out.  And just as you think the last frost has gone, you plant and yes you’ve guessed it. Frost. A dear friend and avid gardener had some good advice “keep some clay pots at hand and place over the plants if a frost is forecast”. 

3.  If you are anything like us, no matter what gardening gloves you buy, they always seem to break at the fingers. That means a night of fingernail scrubbing!  Before you go into the garden get a tablet of soap and scrape soap under your nails. Hey presto, a gardening French manicure for us ladies and no dirt under nails!

4.  Have you ever planted out and written names on sticks only to find they have disappeared. Us too! Now we write the names on small pebbles (often gathered from summer beach holidays). 

5.  April showers keeps the ground wet which we find great for weeding, taking out old growth and the odd persistent bramble. 

Let’s hope we have some fine weather this weekend. We will be blogging next week on Interiors. 

Have a great weekend.


Serendipity Loves xx


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