Bluebell Woods: The Woodland Trust

It’s Friday!

There are so many competing jobs to do when the weather is fine; gardening, cleaning, food shopping, days out. You know how it goes!  It is definitely an April Showers day today. 

It has been a very busy week here at Serendipity Loves. Garden preparation, house chores and we have also been working on our website and online shop.  We should be ready in May to share with you all.  We are planning a few of Serendipity Loves treats for you and the home.  It’s a watch this space and exciting times ahead.

We are of course still dreaming of this gorgeous pink cottage with holly hocks we posted on Instagram early in the week.  We love pink, thatched cottages and hollyhocks.  This one is perfect for us.

Photo Credit: Unknown

And this one!
Photo Credit:

Bluebell Woods

Most mornings we always find the time to take a walk in the local area. We live in the countryside, and like nothing more than watching the seasons change. In particular, Spring, a personal favorite. It is the start of new beginnings, for plants and flowers, we love watching them wake up from winter hibernation.

We love the Bluebell woods, and have seen many lovely pictures over on Instagram this week of gardens, fields and woods. They are a true sea of blue,with a sweet scent and something we look forward to at this time of year.  Its breathtaking when you see so many bluebells naturally growing in one area. 

Photo Credit:The Woodland Trust: The Big Bluebell Watch

Did you know if you see bluebells growing you can map them on the Woodland Trusts map of the UK.  More details can be found at The Big Bluebell Watch.  The web page also shows the 2015 map and it is interesting to see the areas where bluebells have been seen.  The fields and woods of blue only have a short season, so it is well worth taking the time to visit one or two.  UK Bluebell Woods

We have readers of our blog from all over the world, including Norway, Sweden. France, Brazil, Peru and Australia (to name but a few).  Whilst on Instagram this week we noticed some people have not had the pleasure of seeing Bluebell woods in their countries.   The Woodland Trust webpage will enable you to share the pleasure we have in the UK.  There is also information on the history of an ancient woodland.

Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road?

We also shared on Instagram, earlier this week, the chickens we met on one of this weeks walks.  The answer to why did the chickens cross the road? To hide in bush on the other side whilst the Cockerel stands guard. 

Photo Credit: Serendipity Loves

Photo Credit: Serendipity Loves

Hope the April showers do not last to long with you all.  There will be an Interiors blog post over the weekend on colour.

Serendipity Loves xx


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