Colour, Colour, Colour!

Sunday Morning Colour Musings 

Photo Credit: Susie Watson Designs
We long for warm sunny mornings when we can eat breakfast outside, read the newspaper and listen to the birds sing.  Hopefully, this will not be too far away.  This week we have already seen some lovely sunny mornings.

We have been promising for sometime some interiors blogs.  This is the first of many and hopefully the title says it all – Colour!

One of the many decisions we all make when styling our homes is the choice of colour.  There are so many shades and brands to choose from.

We are sure you have noticed, white is not white any more. There is off white, antique white and many more.  It can cause many a headache, and be an expensive mistake if we get it wrong in our own homes.  We have probably all been there. 

Before we completed our Interior Decorators Qualification we too made mistakes, we remember only to well the pale green in our kitchen that turned out to be more like a pea green.   Then came the joy of painting over it, which took a few coats of white.

Interior Designers and Decorators 

When we studied for our qualification several years ago, there was so much to learn on colour – the tones, hues, how they react in light, room aspects, use of the room.  It was enjoyable.  Our own home is neutral with splashes of colour. Our main bedroom is painted in Farrow and Ball Pointing with the fire place wall in calamine.  We love it. 

Photo Credit – Seredipity Loves

Fireplace Wall in Bedroom Calamine (Blue undertones) other walls in Pointing – Paint by Farrow and Ball.

Choosing Colour

There are many interior blogs on the does and don’ts of choosing a paint colour, but at the end of the day it is down to finding the one you like, that suits your home, with the rooms natural and artificial lighting.  

When choosing colour yourself and for your own home. It’s always so difficult to know whether to brave the decision and go bold or stay neutral and add colour with soft furnishings. 

Sample paint pot colours can look completely different in a DIY store. That is due to the artificial lights used in the store.  The tones and hues will change depending on the light.  


It is always advisable to paint a large board using a sample pot.   An A4 piece of paper is quite small to get an idea of the colour. Once painted live with it for a week, view the colour in different lights and at different times of the day. And move the board around so that it’s been on all the walls. You will soon see whether you like and can live with it. 

The colour decision also needs to take into consideration existing furniture and soft furnishings you may not want to change everything. It is important the colour complements existing belongings.

A few rooms for inspiration decorated with neutral and colour.

Photo Credit: Holmes Builders

The neutral tones provide a relaxing bedroom, using layers on the bed linen and different textures adds warmth.

Photo Credit: Book Bub
The use of White linen and paint around this window, highlights the view of the sea and surrounding areas.

Photo Credit – Ercol Furniture.

The colour on the walls in this room and dark legs on the table and chairs, highlights the use of natural wood in the dining table.  This contrasts to the neutral bedroom above which uses neutral walls to highlight the wood beams and windows.  

Photo Credit: House to Home

The red cushions and rug add warmth and charm to this room which has a neutral base.  There is always an option in a room to add colour.

Design Seeds

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas on what colors will complement each other.  It is worth visiting the Design Seeds website  Jessica Colaluca, set up the website in May 2009 and if you love colour and looking for inspiration you will love it!  We have been followers for many years. 

Jessica, takes pictures which are submitted via Instagram with the hashtag #Seedscolor and then uses digital color codes It is important to note these are not current true paint colours, hopefully the time will come when digital color codes can be used for paint mixes.  But nevertheless, they provide great inspiration when looking for and making a colour palette for either your home of garden.

You can search on the Design Seeds website by Colour and collection.  The site is well worth a visit and we hope you find it useful.  Here are two of our recent favorites, which we love.

Design Seeds: Spring – Nature Escape
{ nature tones } image via: @lunaa80

Design Seeds: color blossom  image via: @lisaridgelyphotography

You can search on the website by Colour and collection.  The site is well worth a visit and we hope you find it useful. 

Enjoy Sunday and we will be back next week with more blogs,

Serendipity Loves xx


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