New Modern Gardens Magazine Review

May Bank Holiday 


The first of our May Bank Holidays is upon us.  We are hoping the sun will soon shine (fingers crossed), so we can carry on with preparing the garden ready for planting.

The garden is an outside room to our home.  A room that gives us great pleasure to plan, prepare, plant and finally relax in.  Every year we start the garden planning process in February when the fire is lit and the dark nights are with us.  It is something we have always enjoyed. 

Photo Credit: The Rap Sheet
Over the past five years we have kept a garden journal, this has been a very useful reference guide to the flowers and shrubs, that have been both successful and unsuccessful in our garden.  

We have also read many gardening books and used Google for inspiration, hints and tips.  We have inherited many shrubs and plants from family and indeed, from the home and garden we moved into many years ago.
During the spring months there is so much to do preparing the garden – clearing the winter debris, weeding, preparing the soil, planting seeds –  like us you probably don’t get much time to sit and read a gardening book.  They can be quite lengthy. 

Modern Gardens Magazine

Photo Credit: Serendipity Loves

We have tried a few gardening magazines over the years. This magazine has been the only one we cannot stop reading.  We spent three weeks reading the first edition, and we are still finding useful tips and inspiration within it.  It has also been passed around the family, but is now safety back in our hands (phew!)  The most experienced gardener in the Serendipity Loves family has also found the advice and tips useful.  We now buy him his own copy!

We wondered if the magazine would be a one hit wonder, but the second edition has proved our thoughts wrong.

This started to make us think, what was so different about this gardening magazine.  

Photo Credit: Serendipity Loves (Source: Modern Gardens Magazine)

  • Short easy to read articles – you can read with a cup of tea and advice that is cleverly designed to catch your eye as you flick through the magazine.
  • ‘Flowers in the month’ section – May’s issue is full of blue flowers and many of our favorites.
  • Small projects – including making spring in a tea cup the instructions are so easy to follow;
  • Article on garden retreats – oh yes this is one for the ladies – Girl Sheds, we love them.  We made this article a first priority to read!
  • Choosing garden furniture, lighting, house plants, a garden tree and plants suitable for pots to add to decking areas.
  • Readers garden transformations – There are tips for helping with low maintenance gardens, hiding dustbins, making your garden look bigger, pathways and borders.
  • 20 Gardening tips – we love the environmentally friendly advice of attracting birds to the garden with water, especially as they play a major part in helping control the never ending slugs that ‘munch’ on our plants whilst we sleep.
  • The article on weed control was also a must read for us. April and May are ground preparation and this article really helped us identify the weeds and best way to keep them under control.
This is only a snap shot of the first edition, the second edition we have only reached page 41 (of 130) after buying it a week ago.

Photo Credit: Serendiptiy Loves (Source: Modern Gardens Magazine)

This edition includes:

  • Gardening month by month – this section is really helping us stay on track.
  • Choosing an Obelisk – structure, size, position – we loved this article and did not realise how much choice we have in adding an Obelisk to the garden.
  • Built in seating for a smaller garden – really useful to readers who do not have much outdoor space.
  • Plants for the month – One of our favorite for garden flowers.
  • A useful article on growing and looking after sweet peas. 
  • More to follow… we cannot wait to turn the pages for more.
The magazine is a must read for anyone looking for garden inspiration.  Like most of our blog readers, we look for gardening tips and inspiration and love sharing our sources with you all.

If you are on Instagram you can follow the Editor – Fiona Cumberpatch (here) and also the magazine (here). Alternatively there are further details on their website (here) you can download a free digital mini magazine on the website (here).  

The Malvern Spring Festival is open from 5th to 8th May and this year the Chelsea Flower show is 24th to 28th May.

We would love to hear your thoughts if you have this magazine.


Serendipity Loves x


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