Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees 🐝🐝🐝

Photo Credit – Roman
We love how the bumble bee is in mid flight, in this photograph.  It’s wings are open and getting ready to land on the poppy. Pollen time!

Over the past few days, we have been making the most of the fine weather, clearing and weeding the garden. Hopefully, we will soon start to see some settled weather, so that we can start planting and sowing seeds.  

Sadly, we lost two of our established plants to the winter frosts, a lavender and a rosemary plant. 

During the summer months, the lavender plant has always been a hub of activity with bees. Friday we dug the roots out (this reads easier than it was) and we started to wonder what we should plant to replace it.  It is an opportunity to try planting something new.

Our Bumble Bees

The ongoing promotion of the Save the Bees campaign, together with the loss of both of our plants, which the bees loved, has made us think. 

Hmm.. We like almonds, apples, onions, cranberries and broccoli.  What do we plant to help the bees?

Plants Bees Love 

Taken From Eye Candy Popper

There is so much choice. We are thinking of hollyhocks, new lavender and wild flower seeds. 

Bee Hotel 

With this section of our garden by fencing, and we already have two bird houses, the bees will get a hotel!  If you fancy one of these in your garden, you can make one by drilling holes in a block of wood.  
Photo Taken From The Telegraph

Last year we found a rather tired looking bumble bee on the lawn.  Sugar water helps bees, and gives them energy to revive them and send them on their way. It is surprising how soon after drinking it they fly away.  This tip was circulated widely on social media last year. And it’s so easy to forget. It’s easy to put a spoon or jar lid down for it to drink. But please be careful the bee doesn’t sting you. 
Photo Credit: Timberpress

Home Interiors

Peony and Sage (webpage link here) have a lovely range of “Busy Bees” fabric and wallpapers.  It is available in several different colour ways.  It provides a great opportunity to include bees within your home interiors.

Photo Credit: Peony and Sage
We hope you have an enjoyable Sunday and the weather is sunny.  There will be an interiors blog during the week. 

Serendipity Loves xx

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