Life’s Small Pleasures.

Small Pleasures

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Waking up to the sound of rain on the window during the early hours of the morning, made us think about life’s small pleasures.  Snuggled up in a warm bed with the rain outside is just one of them.  

With hectic lives and day to day chores, it is so easy to overlook these small things. The small things that can often give us the greatest of pleasures. 

We always think of the small pleasures as the little things we enjoy, that have little or no cost.  

Everyone’s will be different but here are some of ours. 

1. Washing drying on the line.

2. Smell of lavender. 

3. The white elegant flowers of lily of the valley and their scent at night. 

4. Walking through the Bluebell wood. 

5. Fresh clean bed linen. 

6. The smell of oranges, brings happy memories of our Grandmother/mother.
7. Smell of earth after a rain shower. 

8. Watching seeds grow day by day. 

9. Sea Air. 

10. Laughing. 

11. A warm cup of tea. 

12. Slice of toast with melted butter (ah tea and toast).

13. Taking a walk on a warm day.

14. Picking Fresh flowers from the Garden. 

15. Watching an old black and white movie – Cary Grant, Margaret Rutherford, Katherine Hepburn.

16. Watching the sun rise. 

17. Listening to the birds singing. 

18. Smell of fresh bread baking. 

19. Spending time with those who mean most. 

20. Walking through autumn leaves.

21. Making someone smile.

22. Watching the sea and listening to the waves.  

23. Cup of milky hot chocolate.

24. Smell of leather.

25. Crackling and warmth of an open coal/log fire. 

26. Fresh crisp snow. 

27. Red sky at night. 

28. Eating fish and chips, sat on the beach.

29. Christmas Eve!

30. The first snowdrops of spring.

31. Receiving a handwritten letter.

32. Warm towels from the tumble dryer. 

33. Watching the trees change through the seasons. 

34. Eating fresh bread. 

35. Watching the birds feed.

36. The sound of knitting needles clicking, happy images of our grandmother/mother knitting.

37. Men’s extra sized tissues, happy memories of our grandfather/father.

38.  Smell of a real Christmas tree.

39.  There are so many more…. over to you to add yours to the list.

We hope our list will bring a smile and warmth to you whilst thinking about small pleasures on this rainy weekend.

Yesterday we published our blog on Interior Design tips for small spaces (here).  We loved the idea of a shelf over the door way in bathroom.


Serendipity Loves. X

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