Meet The Maker: Laura Rose Wilson

Bank Holiday Weekend

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This year, May seems to have flown by so quickly.  The weather is currently sunny here in Wales and we are looking forward to spending sometime outdoors.

We are absolutely delighted to have Laura Rose Wilson as our meet the maker, guest blogger this week.  We were introduced to her work through Instagram and it caught our eye immediately.  We have enjoyed learning more about her and her work.  Thanks Laura.

Meet The Maker:Laura Rose Wilson

By Laura Rose Wilson

My name is Laura Rose Wilson and I’m an artist from Derbyshire who specialises in pencil, paint and clay. Since I was a little girl, I have had a love and passion for drawing and painting. I can still remember the overwhelming sense of pride when my koala bear drawing was chosen to be displayed on the esteemed ‘wall of fame’ in my Primary School (I still consider this to be my greatest achievement).

I am a painter and occasional potter, however my true inspiration lies in depicting birds. I could watch, paint and sculpt birds all day long. 

Photo Credit: Laura Rose Wilson

I am also known for experimenting with diverse painting materials and have previously painted on surfaces including wood, clay, pebbles, shells, books and paper – I am in awe of the different effects that surface materials can create.

Photo Credit: Laura Rose Wilson

Whilst I continue to enjoy using acrylics for canvas painting, I also have a passion for creating brooches from hand, using air dry clay. I use the clay as a canvas to paint decorative flowers and insects. 

Photo Credit: Laura Rose Wilson
Photo Credit: Laura Rose Wilson

The process of crafting clay brooches is particularly special due to their wear ability. There is a certain novelty to being able to wear my own pieces of art, though seeing my family and friends choosing to wear their favorite pieces is even more rewarding. 

Photo Credit: Laura Rose Wilson

Laura Rose Wilson (AKA

If you would like to see more of Laura’s beautiful handmade items, you will find her on facebook (here) and Instagram (here).

All photographs contained within this blogs have rights reserved by Laura Rose Wilson and should not be reproduced without her prior permission.


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