Hello June!

Well, Hello June!

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June is one of our favourite months, it brings with it so many lovely things to look forward to.  As a new month begins we always like to look back on the previous month.

May Musings

May, you have been very kind to us, it has been a very busy month.

Our Blog 

May, has seen our first two guest bloggers. Lea Eccleston who shared her stay at Northumberland Shephards Huts (blog can be found here) and Laura Rose Wilson, our first “Meet The Maker” a very talented young artist (blog can be found here)

We also reviewed the new Modern Homes Garden Magazine (blog can be found here). A very big thank you to Fiona Cumberbatch and team for sharing the blog on their social media. 

Photo Credit: Serendipity Loves

The third edition is now in the shops and our copy fell into our shopping yesterday. 

Blooming Garden

This month we have had great pleasure in watching the garden start to bloom.   May has brought Forget me Nots, Bluebells, Lily of the Valley, Foxgloves (which have self seeded), Antirrhinums, Aquiligia, Ox Eye Daisies, Mountana Clematis – both the white and Pink and the Mauve rhododendrons. 

A few pictures of our blooms.

Lilly of The Valley

For those who are not on Instagram, you will have missed the history behind our Lilly of the Valley.  When we purchased the house many years ago, we inherited many treasures from the previous owner, Mrs J.  Her husband had planted Lilly of the Valley in the border leading up to the front door. 

The Lilly of the Valley have been now been planted for well over 50 years ago. You may wonder, how we know the timing.  Mrs J’s niece lived in the same village, and on the birth of her Nieces daughter she was given a bunch by her Aunty (Mrs J).  I learnt of the tradition on buying the house, and kept the tradition each year.  Delivered a bunch to her when they first flowered. 

It was an absolute pleasure to carry on the tradition. Sadly, the niece died last year. But, the tradition remains, this year I delivered a bunch to her grave. And with our Grandmother/mother in the same cemetery delivered a bunch to her also. It’s the small things in life that give us the greatest pleasure. 

We shared many of our Small pleasures with you in a blog earlier in the month (link here).


We have started the Vegetable garden again this year.  It is our first year for growing Kidney Beans.  So far, they are looking healthy.  

June Planning

As we start June, the first of the lemon and peach colour roses are starting to bloom.  The pink are still very tight in bud.

The Garden

We are looking forward to our white “Wedding Day” climbing rose flowering.  This will cover our garden archway and fencing.  The give a spectacular show as they are now very well established.  And the scent, from the white delicate cluster flowers is “ah” delightful.  We promise a blog and photos of these when they are in full bloom.
The honeysuckle, will also not be too far behind the roses in flowering.  The scent of the roses and honeysuckle together is something very special.  For the first time this year, we have also grown “Night Scented Stock” from seed.  Hoping we have success with these.

Our favourite time in the garden, is early morning and late evening.  Its not just the time when we hear the birds chorus, it is when the scent from many of our flowers is at its highest.  

We were a few weeks later than normal in planting our seeds, they are growing well.  We have planted – Love in a Mist, Cosmos, Stocks (two varieties) and Californian Poppies (reminds us of Venice – that’s another blog for us to write).  

We also planted some seeds last weekend, White Cosmos.  We have again planted these later, because we stagger our planting which means we get colour late August/September in the garden.  

The last of our borders were cleared yesterday ready for planting out. Slug and snail patrol is underway, hoping they do not “munch” our new plants. 

Our Peonies are in tight bud, and we are looking forward to these blooming.  If they are anything like last year, we may just have to pick a few for the house.

Serendipity Loves

We have decided to stagger the launch of our business over the next few months. 

We are now very close to sharing a few initial pieces of our handmade items 😉 and these will be for sale. They are affordable and handmade with love by ourselves. More details to follow over the next week or two.

Social Media

We are now on Twitter (you will find us here) and also on Pinterest (you will find us here). We have been building our Pinterest boards behind the scene and they will all shortly be released in June. 

This Week
Friday Evening we are going to see the Welsh National Opera  “In Parenthesis” composed by Iain Bell.

It is an adaptation of the Welsh poet, writer and artist David Jones. It follow one of the Welsh Regiments that was posted to The Battle of the Somme at Marmetz Wood.  

Many families lost members in the World Wars, this Friday will have significance to us.  Mam lost her Uncle on the first day of the Battle of the Somme – 1st July 1916.  He served in the Welsh Regiment, and we believe from records he died in Mametz Wood.  His father was also posted to the Somme, but returned home, although like many, he was never the same gentleman.  We have discovered he was an Engineer and was involved in building and designing the tunnels the soldiers used.  Friday will no doubt be a turmoil of emotions.

Many families have similar stories to ours across the world, and we will of course share our experience of both the Welsh National Opera and sighting of the Poppy Fields on our blog over the weekend. 

Serendipity Loves x

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