Book Review: The Fire Child by S K Tremayne

Book Reviews

We are absolutely delighted to have started working in collaboration with many publishers through Net Gallery.  We have been approved to read and provide an open and honest review for a number of books. 

The first of the books we have read and reviewed is “The Fire Child”, this is due for publication on Thursday 16th June.  We have received a copy of the book from the Publishers Harper Collins in return for an open and honest review.  

Our Review. 

The Fire Child is written by S K Tremayne and published by 
Harper Collins.  The authors previous book was The Ice Twins.

The Fire Child is based in Morvellan (a fictitious location) in Cornwall. The story starts with David and Rachel whom front the start of married life live in Carnhallow house – David’s family home.  David is a lawyer who spends much of his time in London. Leaving Rachel and family in the family home. In the early chapters, the story quickly unfolds where we learn of David’s ex wife – Nina – sudden death. 

The main characters, other than Rachael and David, are David’s son – Jamie (eight) from his marriage to Nina. David’s mother – Juliet, who lives in the grounds of the house. The housekeeper – Cassie and several of David’s acquaintances and work colleagues. 

The story is based on the mystery surrounding the death of Nina (David’s first wife) everyone at the house seems to have some knowledge of what happened. But Rachael has to probe and unravel the story, and her past quickly catches up with her.  

We quickly learn, Jamie is the reason for everything and their is a secret between him and his father.  As the count down to Christmas starts, the story unravels.  We do not want to include spoilers so will stop there!

What makes this book Different?

  • The descriptions are vivid. It is so easy as you read to imagine the scenery, the smells, the characters.  
  • The book is compulsive reading, over the duration of reading it my mind was constantly in the story. It was incredibly difficult to stop reading and thinking about it!
  • The characters, location and story are quickly introduced in the first few chapters. 
  • The book covers many topics as well as the story, you learn the Cornish tin and copper mines.
  • There is a lot of subjects touched in within this book, including domestic violence and rape. I don’t want to give the story away, these chapters we skim read and you can do so if necessary without losing the story. 
  • The books story is very cleverly told by the two main characters – David and Rachael, both having different views which leads to the following questions; 
  • Is Jamie psychic? Does he see the future?
  • Is Rachael ill? Is she lying? Or is she just getting too close to the truth of Nina’s death?
  • Is Nina actually alive or dead? 
  • What is David hiding about his ex wife?
  • What is the Kerthen family trait?
The book is compulsive reading, in fact we read over 24 hours  we could not put it down.  

Serendipity Loves x

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