Battle of The Somme – 100 Year Anniversary

We have been quiet for the past few weeks, we are busy working away on a few surprises and also a few family health issues.  Sometimes, I hope you will agree, family come first. 

The 1st of July 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of The Somme.  

The Somme

Today, marks the day Britain and the Commonwealth countries lost over 60,000 men and boys.  All those lives were lost on the first day of battle. 

The more we read and watch documentaries on the Battle, we gain a greater awareness of the slaughter our men and boys faced in no mans land. It was horrific, and that lays heavy on our hearts. 

Our Personal Memorial

Today the plaque above, which we created, stands proudly in the “Path of the Remembered” which is visible to the public at Heaton Park in Manchester. The site of the National Commemorative Concert toady. The plaques will be relocated across key public areas across Manchester after the concert.

Every plaque will have its own family story.

Our plaque commemorates, our Uncle/Great Uncle who died on the first day of the battle, just after 7:20 am when he stepped into no mans land. He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial. 

His father, returned, but like many never the same gentleman. We believe from records, he was an engineer and was involved in the tunnel building. We continue to research both further.

Wales Millennium Centre 

Earlier this month we went to see the Welsh National Opera at the Millennium Centre and the commemorative poppy field outside.  Both were moving and heartbreaking. There was a lit poppy for every Welsh soldier lost, and really brought home home many men and boys Wales lost alone.

This evening, we return to the Millennium Centre to attend the Somme 100 Anniversary evening with the BBC National Orchestra, we have a feeling this will also be a very moving event. 

To all those men, boys and animals we lost we owe you so much. Thank you will never be enough. To our Uncle/Great Uncle. We will always remember you and will continue to learn more about you. 

Always in our mind, forever in our hearts. 

Serendipity Loves xx

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