Book Review: The Girl Behind The Lens

We are absolutely delighted to continue working in collaboration with Harper Collins (publishers) through Net Gallery.  We were approved to read and provide an open and honest review for The Girl Behind The Lens last week. 

This is the second books we have read and reviewed for Harper Collins through our blog.  The book was  published on Friday 28th October.  We have received a copy of the book from the Publishers Harper Collins in return for an open and honest review.  

Our Review. 

The Girl Behind the Lens is set in Dublin.  Joanna Lacey, is a photography student and has a very close relationship with her mother.  However, when Rachael Arnold knocks on the door late one night to let Joanna’s mother know a body has been found in the local canal, Vincent Arnold.  This changes the relationship between mother and daughter. 
We are also introduced to Oliver, a practicing Lawyer, his wife has recently gone missing.  No one knows where she is, or do they?

The characters suddently become intertwined when Oliver and Joanna meet at Vincent’s funeral.  Lies and deceit entwine as the characters move through the story line. 

We will stop there so there are no spoilers.

What makes this book Different?

  • The descriptions of the characters are vivid and all are quickly introduced. It is so easy to get to know each of them. 
  • The whole story is based on secrets, lies and decipts.
  • The book is written in small chapters, which makes for easy reading and moves the story line quickly.
  • Although this is advertised as a deep psychological thriller, it is not the deepest in the category we have read.  It is more of a mystery based on deceipt.  It is very similiar to the Girl on the Train.
  • The book is compulsive reading, over the duration of reading it my mind was constantly in the story. It was incredibly difficult to stop reading.  At the end of the book, I wanted to read more.
The book is a light and enjoyable reading, in fact we read over 24 hours we could not put it down.  It is very similiar to The Girl on the Train.

We have just been approved in the first 200 reviewers, to review “Good Me, Bad Me” by Ali Land on behalf of Penguin (Publishers) this book is not due for publication until January. 

Serendipity Loves x

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