MakeLight Instagram Insights

Credit: Serendipity Loves – via

Thanks to the prompt from Rascal and Roses (Instagram Link here) we had our Instagram insights report produced by Makelight.

We love the report, comparing this report to the one we had in May, we love how the colours are  now autumnal to match the season.
The report produces several insights into our Instagram account including the top 9 most liked photos.  And here they are….
Credit: Serendipity Loves  via

Think we all love cottages, cosy autumn scenes, fires, throws (we blogged on Hygge earlier in the week – link here) and a little humor in the mix!

We have also received our most used hashtags, themes and audience engagement.
Makelight was established by Emily Quinton (Instagram link here), insight reports are currently available free if you have an Instagram account.  To receive your report use this link.
Back soon with more blogs.
Serendipity Loves xx

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  1. Thank you. We love the Maker light Insights. Thanks for dropping by to read.


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