We found ‘Hygge’ on Instagram

Credit: Call me Cupcake

Since we turned the clocks back an hour here in the UK, the temperature has dropped.  The mornings are crisp, the trees changing colours, losing their leaves and the first frost has landed!

You may remember we published a blog two weeks ago on ‘Finding Hygge’. If you missed it you can find it here.  Over the past two weeks, not only have we been without the Great British Bake Off on television, we have been finding Hygge on Instagram.   

Many thanks to everyone who tagged us in on photographs for us to share and to those who have agreed for us to share your photographs.

Instagram Hygge Photos

We have been following Lisa on Instagram for sometime, her account can be located here @lincolnshire_mummy_wife_81_  Lisa was excited to share her collage of photos with us.  Her autumn Hygge favorites are Christmas cake baking, chili, candles, woodland adventures, baking, Halloween, toffee apples, apple picking and autumn raspberries.
Just after we posted our blog, Carol posted this gorgeous photograph of a Hygge day with her granddaughter.  Carol is currently having an extension built and we have loved following the progress.  The addition of these wall lights look so cosy.  Carol’s Instagram account can be found @simplyhouseandhome .
Carol also runs Simply Scandinavian with her two daughters  Katie, (@simplyscandikatie)  and Joanna (@simplyscandinavian).  Their shop is definitely worth a look (link here), it is full of gorgeous treats for the home.
This gorgeous basket of berries, rose hips and foliage was shared by Karan.
We love everything in this photo, a picture of autumn colours in all their glory adding pleasure and Hygge into her home.   Karan also made some lovey short crust pies yesterday – they look heavenly in her oven.
Karan’s Instagram Account is @karan49
These gorgeous berries are in a 150 year old miners cottage in the Forest of Dean @litte_house_on_the_hill  Not only do we love the berries we love the wreath on the door and the cottage.  Another, amazing account on Instagram full of gorgeous Hygge photographs.
This gorgeous throw, berries, cricket ball and tea pot were shared by Carol @artandsand we have taken a liking to the tartan throw and the cricket ball reminds us of our times watching our father play cricket.  Oh, imagine sitting in front of a fire wrapped up in that throw with hot chocolate.
We can never resist cake, and when we spotted this gorgeous lemon drizzle cake on Carolyn’s Instagram feed we could not resist.  We also spotted Carolyn’s gorgeous quilting she makes, and there is nothing more than autumn Hygge to us than crafting next to the fire of an afternoon.
Carolyn’s Instagram account is located at @carolynjohnson1807
If you are enjoying these photos and finding ‘Hygge’ with us, you may wish to take a look at these accounts on Instagram:
1.  Be more Hygge (Instagram account here)
2.  The House of Hygge (Instagram account here)
3.  The Hygge and West (Instagram account here)
Catch you all soon,
Serendipity Loves xx
All photographs have been used with the permission of the owners, and should not be reproduced without their prior consent.

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