Book Review: Good Me, Bad Me

We are delighted to start working in collaboration with Michael Joseph – Penguin UK (Publishers) through Net Gallery.  We were pre approved, to read and provide an open and honest review in return for a copy of this book. We always delay posting reviews until just before the book is published.

This is the first books we have read and reviewed for Penguin. Good Me, Bad me is written by Ali Land and  is to be published on 12th January.  

Many thanks to Net Gallery, Michael Joseph – Penguin UK and Ali Land for the advance copy of this book in exchange for an open and honest review.

Our Review

Annie, a teenager, has just moved in to a foster home. She has taken a new name, identity and is joining a new school.  Annie becomes Milly.  The family she moves in with have a daughter the same age, a mother and also a father who is a psychologist and works with Milly to prepare for her mother’s trial.

Previously Annie lived with her mother. Annie believes her mother is a serial killer and is a witness to her latest murder. She reports her mother to the police and prepares to give evidence against her.  The newspapers are covering her mother’s story and Milly is concerned and desperate not to be like her mother and be good, but she is the daughter of a murderer.  This causes much turmoil, sleepless nights and concern for Milly.

What makes this book Different?

  • The story is told through the eyes of Milly, a teenager who is in foster care and she shares her feelings on settling in with a new family.  How she feels and copes with starting a new school and feeling isolated, fights herself not to become like her mother and be good, seeing details of her mother’s forth coming trial in newspapers and how she feels preparing for a court case and giving evidence against her mother. 
  • All the above parts of the book make for good enjoyable reading and the story moves quickly. There are a few psychological twists, as the story builds.
  • This book does cover some sensitive and difficult topic – murder and abuse of children.  Had I been looking for a book to read and picked this up in a supermarket and noticed this topic, I would have put it back.  However:
    1. Am I glad to have read it? Yes. Why? There is not alot of detail  about the abuse or murders. And what is contained in the book, can be left unread without losing the story.  I skipped paragraphs to avoid reading anything.
    2. Would I have preferred for the topic not to have been there – Yes definitely.
    3. Please note: This is a personal preference of mine. Not everyone will feel the same but to give an open and honest review I need to include this. 

  • This is Ali Land’s debut novel, and I have a feeling it will not be the last we hear from this author.  Despite the sensitive topic, this book makes for an addictive read. 

    We have also been approved to read Sister Sister by Sue Fortin, for Harper Collins UK, this book review will be posted later this week and is due for publication on 6th January!

    Serendipity Loves xx

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