Book Review: Sister Sister

We are delighted to continue working in collaboration with Harper Collins, Harper Impulse through NetGallery.  

Thank you to Harper Collins, Harper Impulse, Sue Fortin and NetGallery for the advanced copy of Sister Sister in exchange for an open and honest review.  Sister Sister is due for publication on Friday 6th January.

Our Review

Claire has a sister Alice, who she has not seen her since her father left the UK (taking Alice) and moved to America, whilst Claire grows up living with her mother. 

Claire graduated from Oxford and became a Lawyer. She got married had two daughters and they all live in her mother’s home.  Although Claire continued with her life, she never forgot  her sister Alice.  She remembers vividly the day her father left, taking Alice.   Over the years, Claire and her mother used private investigators to try to get in touch with Alice, but all attempts failed. 

Then out of the blue, Claire’s mother receives a letter from Alice. Her father had died and she wanted to get in touch with her family.  It’s not long before they arrange for her to come to the UK. 

Claire finds it difficult to warm to Alice and a series of events occur.  

Alice thinks Claire is jealous of her sister and her return to her long lost family.   

Claire’s family are concerned she has been working long hours and is having a break down. 

What makes this book different?

  • Without a doubt, you cannot put this book down. If, and when you do, it’s hard to stop thinking about the content. 
  • I read this book in just over 24 hours, finishing it at 3am(!) but it was well worth the sleep deprivation.  It is definitely one of those books where you say “just one more chapter” and then three hours later….
  • The book has you hooked from the moment Alice arrives in the U.K. If you read this book, it’s worth making sure you don’t have anything else to do!
  • The story is an easy read, although there are some things I guessed, for the majority of the time it kept me guessing throughout. It’s gripping… and I kept thinking is she…. isn’t she… (no spoilers!)
  • The book is well suited to the psychological drama classification. It is skillfully written, had characters you soon become to understand and twists you don’t expect. 

This is the first of Sue Fortin’s books I have read, and will be looking to read her other titles.  My type of book, no murders, no gory details but keeps you guessing until the last.  

We are continuing to work with both Harper Collins, Harper Inpulse and Penguin UK and look forward to sharing more book reviews.  We publish the reviews on our blog around one week prior to publication.  Sister Sister is due for release Friday!

Serendipity Loves xx

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