Early Signs of Spring…

It’s just gone 5pm here in the UK and it is still light outside!  Oh how we love the lighter nights, but it is still very cold and we have a north wind.  A northerly wind brings with it cold weather and often snow.  We are definitely still in Winter.

We have noticed, the first signs of spring are starting to appear in the garden and around us.  We love nothing more than watching the the garden begin a new life, and  unfold into all it’s glory.

The earliest flower we often see, and we have seen a few starting to flourish this week, are snowdrops.  We love their delicate white flowers and are always pleased to see the first snowdrops appear.  Although I have always planted these, they never seem to grown in our garden.  But thankfully we are surrounded by a mountain and country walks where we see plenty.  Mrs S and I, have been out and about on a few walks last week.

Credit: Great British Gardens

Some bulbs we do have success in the garden with, and we already have green shoots starting to appear, are  daffodils and tulips.  I always wonder how these delicate plants survive this cold weather.  

Credit: Beautiful Flower Pictures
Credit: Gardening Know How

 Although we have never planted bluebells in the garden, we have an abundance.  Some inherited from the previous owner, and I do believe we have a few self seeded from the mountain where we live.  We are not far from bluebell woods and love nothing more than watching the colours of the mountains unfold at this time of year.  Every seasons brings a different view from our windows, and we love it.

Credit: Natasha Solomon

Whilst out walking last week Mrs S and I noticed the Catkins are in abundance on the trees.  These bring back memories of walking home from school, I always remember we called these “sheep tails” and we always wondered how the sheep were managing without their tails!  Strange I know, but the imagination of a child is priceless.  

Credit: Hawk Conservancy

As I write this, we are losing the light but it is just 5:30pm (UK) and the birds are chattering away outside, another sign spring is on it’s way.  We have bird food in the garden, and it is lovely to awake hearing and seeing the birds feed.  

Credit: Surf Birds

We have a resident robin, and last year for the first time had baby robins in the garden.  This year brings some new bird houses to the garden.

Still a touch of light outside, but there is a definite wind, off to light the fire and keep warm for the evening.  

Have a good week.

Serendipity Loves xx


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