Courtyard Garden: Sue Hayward Garden Design

Courtyard Garden

Time is flying by fast this year, we are already on the second May bank holiday here in the UK.  And, in true British weather style it is raining! Although, we have managed to pop into the garden this morning for an hour, to seed the lawn and spread some wild flower seeds before the skies opened up. This was planned, it saves us watering with the hose pipe!
we are a gardening family, I would love to think I have inherited the gene from my father.  His garden has always been such a gorgeous show and something he has enjoyed.  We find it very relaxing. We have written several blog posts – you can find them here.
This time of year we are always on the look our for inspiring gardens.  The first garden we have to share with you, has been designed by the very talented Sue Hayward. There is so much we love about this garden, and have often shared photos on Instagram.  Here we share with you the garden, and what we love so much about it.

The Garden

Where do we start, because we love everything in this garden.  Let’s start at the entrance.  We love how the brick work of the building has been replicated in the garden walls, and topped with a darker grey brick to frame the walls.  As most of our readers will know we love green, and green blue in the garden and most of the woodwork in our garden is this colour.  We love the contrast of the gate colour, the tones in the brick work and the soft pink and mauve planting.
One of our favorite aspects is the open window into the garden wall, it gives a framed snap shot of what is behind the walls.  The thought of this picture changing for each season, with a different view daily is something we love, here we see the garden in bloom.  We wonder what this would look like at other times of the year.
Both the door and window, give the anticipation of a secret garden behind.  Opening the door brings no disappointment.

Raised wall beds in matching brick, built around a circled seating area.  The flowerbeds are planted in soft relaxing country cottage style mauve toned colours.  Cottage garden style to us, brings a look and feel of relaxation.

A gorgeous white standard rose gives the borders some height.

And this water feature adds to the garden two ways, firstly as a feature.  Secondly, the sound of water running adds to the relaxing feel of this garden.

I think, I know, I am ready to move into this garden for the spring and summer.  Hope you love it as much as we do.
We would like to thank Sue, for the permission to use these photographs in our blog.  All rights and permissions to these photographs are reserved by Sue Hayward garden designs.

Further Details

If you would like to find out more about Sue Hayward’s garden designs or commission her for a design the details can be found on her webpage here.

Enjoy the weekend,

Serendipity Loves xx


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