Mr Jones Watches: Personal Countdown Clock*

This week I received a gorgeous gift from Mr Jones Watches, a personal countdown clock.  It is already sitting on my blogging desk and set for my first countdown.  I love it and am fascinated by the design.

Mr Jones Watches

Mr Jones Watches, is owned by Crispin Jones.  They are a small business that produce unique British made watches.  They have a team based in the OXO Tower, London, producing unique, distinctive and unusual designs.  I currently, own two of their watches, and both are known for starting conversations, with work colleagues or complete strangers.
You can find out more about their story, designs and watch a video by Crispin Jones here.

My MJW Watches

I first came across Mr Jones Watches many years ago, when I purchased the “Average Day Watch”.  I have always loved watches, and brands that offer unique designs.  Mr Jones Watches offer just that.   

I wear this watch most days, and have done since I bought it.  It is much loved, not just by me, but also by my two nephews.  When they were both younger, they were fascinated by what the watch said they should be doing at any given time.
I can hear them both saying “Aunt, lets check your watch and see what we should be doing now”, my response after a quick check of the watch was always, “sleeping”!  A roll of their eyes followed and they would always check for themselves and give a different answer.  When I look at my watch, it  always makes me smile and brings back those happy memories.
I have been stopped by a few people who have commented on the design, and asked to look at the watch.  It is without a doubt a great conversation piece.
I later purchased the “Phlox” watch, (details on Mr Jones Watches website) and when I am not wearing my “Average Day Watch” you will find this one on my wrist!  As the time changes, so does the image on the face, another unique and distinctive design, that fascinates me.

Personal Countdown Clock

I was delighted to receive a personal countdown clock from Mr Jones Watches, another unique and distinctive design.  I always seem to be counting down to an occasion in my diary planner, whether it is a birthday, holiday, meeting or an interview.  Having this clock on my desk will make it so much easier to see at a glance.
I love the modern and fresh design, the clock is in a white case with natural wood strip around the edge.

It is easy to set with one button to push to chose the countdown activity and three buttons for the days.  You can work out the number of days easily, by using the online calculator at

The clock runs on two AAA and one AA batteries and can either be left freestanding or wall mounted.  There are thirty four preset activities, (full list located here) these include – wedding, baby due, move, birthday, graduation, anniversary.  Ideal if you are looking for a unique gift for a mum to be, new home or birthday present.

Wedding Countdown Clock

Mr and Mrs S celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary yesterday (17th June), they have known each other for sixty four years and spent the day relaxing in their garden, and reminiscing over many happy memories.
I mentioned the wedding countdown clock to them yesterday.  Mrs S loves it and agreed, if like us you are always wondering what to buy for a wedding or anniversary gift, the wedding countdown clock may be the answer.
The clock counts down the number of days to your wedding anniversary, starting with paper (first) through to Diamond (sixty years).   More details of the clock and full list of Anniversary’s can be located here.   Both clocks are currently priced at £25.

Products and Service

The after care service I have received over the past few years from Mr Jones Watches, has been first class.  The strap on my “Average Day Watch” is very distinctive, light blue and black.  Having had the watch c.eight years, and wearing it daily the strap became worn.  I was relieved to find Mr Jones Watches sell replacements, with the option for self replacement or to send the watch in to have it replaced.  I did not want to risk the postal service, and replaced my strap myself.  The staff were incredibly helpful and my watch looks like new again.  A watch for life.
Further details of their current range of products can be viewed on Mr Jones Watches website here.  
Thank you to Mr Jones Watches for our personal countdown clock, you can find Mr Jones Watches on Facebook (here), Instagram (here) and Twitter (here).   
Enjoy the sunshine,

Serendipity Loves x

* Disclaimer, I was sent the personal countdown clock in this post to feature. A huge thank you to Emily and Crispin Jones at Mr Jones Watches, for the gorgeous gift.  As always I would never promote something I did not truly love.


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