Christmas 2017: Meet The Maker ~ Limezest Jewellery

Over the next few weekends, we will be supporting a number of small business in the lead up to Christmas.  This weekend it is a pleasure to introduce Lisa, from Limezest Jewellery, as the first of our Christmas 2017 Meet The Makers
We first came across Limezest Jewellery, on Instagram (here), Mrs S loves Silver jewellery and showed me a photograph on Instagram of a gorgeous silver gemstone ring.  She loved it and kept zooming in on the photo.  Her love of silver jewellery has been passed to both my sister and I, like mother like daughter.

We are delighted to have Lisa, the owner of Limezest Jewellery as the first of our Christmas meet the maker this weekend and we have enjoyed learning more about your products and business.

Christmas Meet The Maker

Limezest Jewellery

Tell us a little about Limezest Jewellery and how your product is different.

I make sterling silver jewellery using traditional silversmith tools and techniques. Nearly all of my jewellery can be customised either by gemstone choice, texture of the metal or personalised with hand stamping. This makes a truly unique piece for the wearer.

I strive to bring a truly personal service by understanding my customers’ requirements to provide them with a piece of jewellery which they will treasure for years to come.

I have a selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bangles some with a luxury addition of solid gold.
All of my jewellery starts with raw materials such as flat sheet metal or silver wire and gemstones.

We are interested to learn how you started your business and how it has grown.

I have been making jewellery since 2007. I started out making beaded jewellery from the sofa for friends and family as well as attending the occasional school fete or Christmas market.
To start my silver journey I found a lady in Oxford who was teaching a 1 days silver ring workshop. I booked a place, where I learned how to forge, solder and clean up silver. I was totally hooked.In 2011 silver was at an all-time price high. I couldn’t afford to buy the metal and was scared to even work with it in case it didn’t sell.I continued with the beaded jewellery for a few more years saving all profits from sales to invest in silversmithing tools.I attended a refresher day course in 2012, after which I took the plunge and bought some silver sheet metal and wire to make my first silver jewellery.
Jump forward to 2017 and I now have a studio dedicated to Limezest jewellery, which I have filled with all the tools I use to make the jewellery I do today. And a wonderful customer base who appreciate my personal service.

Where you always creative?

I would say I have been pretty creative all my life.  I was the child making the blue peter pencil pots and Christmas advent wreaths made from wire coat hangers and tinsel! I love to draw and paint especially my girls faces. 
I have a big cupboard full of craft supplies, I am a bit of a stationary addict!  And secretly I think W H Smith is my favourite shop! 

I love learning new skills be it new jewellery techniques or a new craft, next year I am booked onto a Blacksmithing course which I am very excited about!

Where does your inspiration come from?
I take a lot of inspiration from the seasons, nature and my holidays to the Scottish Highlands, sometimes you don’t really need a specific concept to give you inspiration you just need a sense of peace to allow you to relax and let the ideas flow.

What does handmade mean to you?

Handmade means to me a product that has been lovingly designed and made from scratch using traditional skills and techniques. Each handmade item always takes a little bit of the makers soul with them. Something that is made to last and to be cherished.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Well today is a big day! I have just launched my new website and brand refresh. I have been working on this for a long time behind the scenes and I am very excited that the day has arrived to set it live!
The new website will be a lot more user friendly with the option to select ring sizes, gemstones and metal texture on each listing visit
I am holding a launch party over on my Facebook page where there are lots of offers and a few giveaways please do join me to celebrate the launch!
I am really looking forward to December, spending time with my family and the excitement of my girls, It’s my wedding anniversary, Christmas and my Birthday all in one month! Mulled wine, wood burner roaring and a good book or film! Bliss

Thank You

A very big thank you to Lisa for taking the time to be our first meet the maker for Christmas 2017, we wish you well with your launch party and new website.  

Please do pop over to Lisa’s Facebook page (here) and join her in celebrating, at her launch party.  I know you won’t be disappointed, her products are gorgeous.  You can find further details of her products on her website (here), Instagram (here), Facebook (here), Twitter (here) and Pinterest (here).

Enjoy your weekends,

Serendipity Loves x
This post has been written in collaboration with Limezest Jewellery

All photographs contained within have rights reserved by Lisa @ Limezest Jewellery and should not be produced without her prior permission.

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