Christmas 2017 – Meet The Maker: Annie’s Little Art Room

Last weekend we shared with you all, the first of our Christmas 2017 meet the makers blog posted located here.  We will be supporting a number of small business leading up to Christmas through our blog and Instagram account.

This weekend, we have the pleasure of welcoming Annie Rudkin, as this weekends Christmas meet the maker.   Annie and ourselves, have been following each other on Instagram for sometime.  We were drawn to Annie’s account through her gorgeous captures of nature, her homely and welcoming looking home, her two kitties and her delicious looking breakfast she posts nearly every morning… If only Instagram had a reach into the square and eat feature…. now there is a thought!  When you take a peek at Annie’s personal Instagram account (here) you will see what we mean.

Although we have been following Annie for sometime (quite possibly well over a year or two!), we have only just recently become aware of Annie’s business.  Annie is an artist and her work is exquisite, we love her style and how she captures nature in her work.  We know you will absolutely love her work as much as us.  With this, we are delighted to have Annie, the owner of Annie’s Little Artroom with us this weekend.  We have loved learning more about Annie and her work.  Thank you for sharing with us.

Christmas Meet The Maker

Annie Rudkin

Tell us a little about Annie’s Little Art Room and how your product is different.

I am a watercolour artist and l sell original paintings and greetings cards printed from my original designs via my online shop “Annie’s Little Artroom”.
I really feel my cards are different from the usual cards one finds in the high street shops. I aim to give them a simplistic, almost naive quality. In fact someone felt they had a somewhat Scandi influence. Must admit I am drawn to the Scandi/countryside look !
All my latest cards are printed on high quality paper by a brilliant printing firm based in Cornwall called Sixprint.

We are interested to learn how you started your business and how it has grown.

My business is really in its infancy, as I only launched my Etsy Store (link here) a few months ago.

I first started selling my cards via my Instagram account (@annieslittleartroom) back in May. I must admit it was quite scary taking those first steps, as I wasn’t sure how or even if the cards would sell. However the response was just so amazing and I sold out the first print run very quickly.  This gave me the confidence to take the next step and open an online outlet on Etsy.

Have you always creative?

Oh yes……definitely ! From a very young age I loved to draw and paint. I remember having two Christmas card designs used as a school Christmas card. I even designed tiny cards for my dolls and teddies !

After finishing Sixth form I went on to do a Foundation course in Art and Design, but after taking a year out I got a ‘proper’ job and unfortunately didn’t return to my studies and so my Art Career never took off. 

It wasn’t until three years ago when I was lucky enough to be offered Voluntary Redundancy from my work that I then decided it was time to fulfill a life long dream and get into the creative world. Due to it having been so long since holding a paint brush in my hand, to build some confidence I enrolled on Water colour painting classes. That very first day at the class was just so wonderful……..I was once again hooked !

Where does your inspiration come from?
I’m inspired by the countryside and all that can be found there – plants, animals, produce and scenery.  

One of my first ranges of cards came from my love of fresh seasonal produce, along with my love of cooking and eating ! Each card featured a different fruit or vegetable with a related recipe printed inside.

Another collection “Garden to Table” was inspired by an Instagram friend called Carla (@carla_tomasi). She lives in Italy just outside of Rome and grows the most amazing fruit and vegetables in her garden, along with cooking and baking wonderful bread, pastries, pasta, the list is endless… inspiration was found!

My most recent collections of cards, of course, are for Christmas.  I was so excited designing these, as Christmas (to coin a phrase), really is the most wonderful time of the year !

The Noël collection features my favourite Christmas icons……Robins, Holly, Mistletoe and Fir cones……everything that can be found on a Boxing Day stroll !

I’ve given these the clean, minimalist Scandi/Nordic vibe which I love.

My husband and I just love Christmas and are so looking forward to spending the festive period celebrating at home with our two kitties Bella and Boris (who feature quite a lot in my other Instagram feed @annierudsky).

What does handmade mean to you?

To me, handmade means “different” and that time, love and importantly enjoyment has been had throughout the whole process, from conception through to the finished product.  I just love the fact that maybe a little doodle or quick sketched thought can eventually result in a new collection of cards or a painting. Just so gratifying !

What are you looking forward to this year?

I’m so excited as to what the New Year holds in terms of my business. I’m working on new designs at the moment, specifically for Spring. I want to introduce more designs and maybe other products, but most importantly……enjoy what I do. Life is much too short to be unhappy!

Thank You

A very big thank you to Annie, for taking the time to be one of Christmas 2017 Meet the Maker.  We have loved working with you and reading more about you and your business. 

Please do pop over to Instagram and say hi to Annie.  You won’t be disappointed in her work, it is exquisite.  We love it, and am sure you will too.  You can find further details of her products in here Etsy store (here) and on Instagram (here).

Enjoy your weekend,

Serendipity Loves x
This post has been written in collaboration with Annie Rudkin

All photographs contained within have rights reserved by Annie @ Annie’s Little ArtRoom and should not be produced without her prior permission.

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