2017 Instagram Best Nine

It has been awhile since we put our fingers to the keyboard and typed a blog, flu and chronic sinusitis took a hold before Christmas.  Hopefully, six weeks of antibiotics and many home remedies has killed the germs.  We have had a very relaxing Christmas here at Serendipity Loves HQ, lots of time spent relaxing with family.
It seems strange as you get older, strange in that money really can not buy the gifts you want on Christmas morning and for the holiday duration.  The only gift we truly wanted this year, is to be in the company of our family, in full health.  And as each year passes, it becomes a cherished gift to be all together for another year, reminiscing and making new memories.

2017 Best Nine

Many of you will know us from Instagram (@serendipity_loves) just before Christmas we hit 20k followers and look set to see the new year in with 21k.  We are overwhelmed to achieved so many followers and thank everyone for taking the time to both follow and like the photos we post.
We have reached that time of year where the 2017 best nine on Instagram #2017bestnine are available, and we are sharing ours with you:
Thank you for all your likes and comments on our photos, we really do appreciate you taking the time to stop and like the photos we post.
Credit and further details of these gorgeous captures can be located as follows,

Top Row:

1.  This is the gorgeous home of Bee Osbourn, it is amazing inside and out and reminds us of the cottage in Christmas movie The Holiday.  You can see more of Bee’s home on her Instagram account here
2.  This is the festive kitchen of Helena at My Little Red House in the Swedish Countryside.  You can see more on here Instagram account here
3.  This cottage also reminds us of the movie The Holiday, we are currently unable to locate the credit for this photograph.

Middle Row:

1.  The home of Charlotte-Anne Fidler, this is a must follow Instagram account and can be located here
2.  The Christmas entrance to Walnuts Farm (Instagram Account) that was used by John Lewis Retail for Christmas a few years ago.  We never tire of this entrance and the inspiration it gives.
3.  Bringing home the Christmas Tree, always wonder how we get a size-able tree to fit in the car every year.  And each year it gets taller and wider!

Bottom Row:

1.  The first flurry of snow each Winter always brings a touch of magic, nothing like a layering of the crisp white snow.  We love this photo taken in the Cotswolds by Andrew Lockie (Getty Images)
2.   The home of Kjersti Stubberud is known to appear on our Instagram feed several times, we love it and if you do not follow her, please drop by here.  You certainly will not be disappointed.
3.   This gorgeous capture is from Daylesford Farm (here) a lovely place to visit if you are in the area.
If you would like to discover your 2017 Best Nine you can do so here: https://2017bestnine.com/ all you need to do is enter your Instagram ID and make a cuppa whilst it generates your top nine photos.
Have a lovely weekend.
Serendipity Loves x

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