Blog Tour: The Intruder by P S Hogan*

Incredibly excited to be taking part in our first official blog tour with Penguin UK.  We were delighted to be contacted by Rosie and Hayley with a request to post a proof copy of The Intruder to us and to join the blog tour.

We love post, but book post is our favorite.

The Intruder by P. S. Hogan

He has the key to hundreds of houses.  Maybe even to yours.

A gripping, sinister, deeply unsettling novel from the most sociopathic narrator of 2018.  Meet Mr Heming…
William Heming is an estate agent.  He’s kept a copy of every key to every house he’s ever sold.  sometimes he visits them.  He lets himself in when the owners are out.  But what will happen if he gets caught?
What will he do next?

Our Review

One word – UNIQUE.
An exceptionally talented author with an amazing imagination. P S Hogan has taken an every day occurrence, that affects all of us at some time in our lives and written a captivating story line.  A story that has stayed in my mind since I finished reading it.  This book has even reached my “must read again” shelf.  It really is that type of book, I need to read again.

You may ask why? Well, we have nearly all bought, or no someone who has, through an estate agent.  But, the burning question is – Did you change the locks after purchase?  Something that is very easy to over look in the excitement of moving home.  The second question – Do you know who has a set of, or copies of your keys?  It’s easy to mislay your keys, but during that time, do you really know where they were and who had them?  A little food for thought.  After reading The Intruder, you will want to know the answers to those questions with certainty.

You See, William Hemming is the main character in the book and is an estate agent.   He has a key to every house he has sold.  And if he doesn’t have the key, it’s not long before he obtains a copy.  These are the keys that hang on his walls at his rental property.  William frequently lets himself into the houses, whilst the owners are out, and takes the opportunity to get to know the new owners.  Breakfast in one home, dinner in another and sleeping in the attic of another.  Creepy….. ever wondered what the noise was in your attic.  As I look up to my loft hatch……

The early chapters of the book, are a little slow, but so very relevant to understand his character.  It is in these chapters we gain an insight into his mischievous school days and learn of his character.  He has, without a doubt, a very clever way of dealing with what he feels is unjustified behavior towards him.

Following his exclusion from school (no spoilers here as to why) Hemming takes an internship in a  village estate agency. Soon to become his future career, and one that lends itself well to his character.   He becomes the village guardian angel, ensuring those who do wrong and handed out their own karma.  When he witnesses a village resident hitting a car and driving off, he ensures the victim is protected and the guilty pays for his crime.  How many of us get annoyed when dog owners do not pick up their dog doodles.  Heming takes action into his own hands.  It is this part of his character that had me laughing out loud and smiling.  I found myself, smiling often, and hoping that type of guardian angel is around to protect innocent people.

All is well and we follow Heming on his adventure until one day, whilst in one of the homes he becomes aware he is not alone.  What happens next is for you to read…….

This book is exceptionally written a thriller that will make you laugh, look up to your attic, double check where you have left things and every time you pick up your house keys it will make you smile and think of The Intruder.  I loved this book, and will without a doubt read it again.  Definitely, one to watch out for on the book shelves.

Thank you to Rosie and Hayley at Penguin UK for the proof copy and we wish you both well in your new jobs.  Look forward to working with you on future book reviews.

Blog Tour

Today sees us hosting the fourth day of the official blog tour, please do drop by and visit the other reviews over the coming days.

Publication Availability
The Kindle version of The Intruder will be published by Transworld and will available from 1 February 2018 through Amazon here.
The UK Paperback version will be published by Black Swan and will be available 31 May 2018 and you can pre-order a copy through Amazon here.
Definitely a book not to be missed,
Serendipity Loves x
* We received an advanced proof copy of The Intruder from Penguin UK, in return for an open and honest review. #TheIntruder

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