Blog Tour: If I Fall by Ella Harper*

It was lovely to see the sun shining here in Wales yesterday, it is a welcome changed to the stormy weather we have been having.  We hit 24k Instagram followers this week, a very big thank you to all our followers.  This month has been a reading month, curled up in a chair by a warm fire with a good book.  No better way to see January through.  I am on my fifth book already this year, and my reading challenge is going well.

We love working with publishers and authors and always welcome proof copies of books in return for an open and honest review.  Today we are hosting the blog tour for “If I Fall” by Ella Harper, we loved this book – and it caused us “book sleep deprivation” but was well worth it.  Once you start reading this, you cannot stop.

If I Fall

by Ella Harper

Four university friends, four devastating secrets. 

I’m really sorry for what I’m about to do…  It’s fifteen years since graduation, and Connie, Jonas, JJ and Layla have managed to remain close despite the odds.
They’ve supported each other, but are some things to big for friendship?
Connie is desperate to maintain the veneer of perfect family life.
Jonas is feeling the pressure at work. Layla’s career is unraveling thanks to her ill mother.
JJ’s past is catching up him.
When they stumble and fall, who will be there to catch them?
A truly powerful and unforgettable story of love, friendship, and to catch them?  A truly powerful and unforgettable story of love, friendship and real life.

If I Fall is perfect for readers of Alice Peterson, Amanda Prowse and Lianne Moriarty.

Our Review

Without a doubt this is a heartfelt tale of love, loss, family and friendship.  It is true you never know what goes on behind closed doors of friends and family.  We all know one of those individuals who always seems happy and wears a smile, but our intuition tells us deep down something isn’t right.  But all we can do is be there for them and if they need to talk they know they can.
This story really makes you think about what goes on behind those closed doors, and what those individuals are going through.  You may get a glimmer but it is the unknown  and only those on the inside of the door will truly know.
This book opens up those doors and we learn of the four friends who graduated from University fifteen years ago.
The Characters:
1. Connie who is a home maker and professional blogger, she is also a journalist and left her full time job to bring up her daughters.  She is married to Jonas.
2. Jonas is a lawyer, working for an extremely demanding boss.  He is under significant stress and pressure at work.
3. Layla is a therapist and runs her business from her home, this is to enable her to take care of her Mum who we learn has advanced dementia.
4.  JJ is a sports coach and also a bachelor, he finds it difficult to commit to any of the women he meets and has been carrying a dark secret, that weighs heavily on his shoulders, from his childhood.  A secret that taunts him every day.  Both Connie and JJ dated during their university days.
All of the friends have different careers and each has been very successful.  They have kept in touch and often meet at dinner parties, for coffee, at each others houses.  But as time and life has moved on each has different responsibilities and their individuals lives are starting to crumble from under their feet.  Each turning to each other, but not always unveiling the full extent to which their lives are falling apart. And no matter what each of them is going through, they are always there for each other.
This book grips your attention, the characters are incredibly easy to get to know and very likeable.  The story is told through individual chapters that relate to one of the four friends, often rotating between all of them, this adds to the enjoyment of the story and makes for compulsive page turning reading.  As their lives unfold, sometimes you will be laughing and sometimes you will be moved to tears.
The book starts with one of the four friends attempting to commit suicide, you don’t know who and as the story unfolds it could be any of the four that falls…. who is it… there is only one way to find out…. no spoilers here….!
The ending is almost to good to be true, but after all it is a story and it’s good to know how they all finally settle with their lives, that’s of course if they do…..
An easy read, which you cannot put down once you start.  I finished this one at 2:15am, well worth the sleep deprivation.
Thank you to Ellie at Canelo, and Ella Harper for the advanced copy and invite to join the blog tour.

Blog Tour

Publication Availability

If I fall was published by Canelo on 22 January, you can purchase copies using the following links:
Serendipity Loves x
* We received an advanced copy of If I fall from Canelo, in return for an open and honest review. #IfIFall

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