Blog Tour: All The Fun of The Fair by Lynda Page*

Good morning, and hello weekend.  The sun is shining, but it is bitterly cold here in the UK and we are forecast a cold week ahead.  Time to light a few more fires, although there are definite signs of spring in the garden and it is light around 6pm.  Love the lighter nights.

Today we are on the blog tour with Canelo, supporting “All The Fun of The Fair” written by Lynda Page.  I love the cover on this book, and it is the first I have read that gives an insight into life with a travelling fairground.

All The Fun of The Fair

by Lynda Page



The unmissable new saga from bestselling author Lynda Page 

It’s the 1950s and Grundy’s Travelling Fair arrives in town with a bang.  When night falls, the local town is drawn to the Fair. But when the fairgoers head home, the Grundys are left behind. Hours are long and the work back-breaking.  But family and friends hold things together.  Gemma married into the lifestyle, her reliable husband Solomon making the work worthwhile.  Solly’s Dad Samson is still the boss, but his other son, known as Sonny, is getting a reputation… Times are changing.  Can the family – and the fair – survive?

A saga with a twist, join the Grundy family in a gritty but heartwarming novel of love, friendship and secrets. 
Perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Lyn Andrews and Rosie Goodwin. 

Our Review

A story of family, friendships, communities and loyalty. 

This is the first book I have read that gives an insight into the world of travelling fairground.  The Grundy’s are a very close family, who own the travelling fairground.  Samson is the head of the family and boss of the shows and fairground.  He has two sons, Sonny and Solly.  Sonny, as the eldest son will inherit the fair and we learn of the possible plans he has for it.  Solly, married Gem who has moved into the life of the fairground, leaving her family behind.  The characters are diverse, and all are incredibly like able and easy to get to know.  Each family member brings something different to the story, all combining to make a heart felt read.

We learn of the work the family undertake to prepare for each fair and show, and we all know that when a fair comes to town, the local community flocks to enjoy.  But, at the end of the evening those who work and run the fair stay with it.  This makes for long hard working shifts, that impact their family life.  

The story is written in such away that you can smell the air, hear the music, see the rides and generally soak up the atmosphere.  Without a doubt this book is filled with love and laughter, gives an interesting insight into work and life with a traveling fairground.  A story that lends itself to a sequel, and one we will definitely be looking forward to reading if it is written and published.
Thank you to Ellie at Canelo, and Lynda Page for the advanced copy and the invite to join the blog tour.

Blog Tour

It is the final day on the blog tour tomorrow, if you have missed any of the blogs please do pop over and take a look.

Publication Availability

All the Fun of The Fair was published by Canelo on 19 February you can purchase copies using the following links:

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend.
Serendipity Loves x
* We received an advanced copy of All the Fun of the Fair from Canelo, in return for an open and honest review. #allthefunofthefair

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