The John Dyer Gallery, Cornwall*

This weekend we are delighted to collaborate with the John Dyer Gallery. A husband and wife team, John Dyer and Joanne Short, who have over 25 years experience as both Gallery owners and artist’s.

John and Joanne’s contemporary art work is strikingly eye catching, with the use of vivid colours. We love it.

When given the opportunity to choose one of their framed vintage style art posters, we were thrilled. But we struggled to chose one, because we loved so many of them.

You can view the full collection here. You will be spoilt for choice.

Our Love for Cornwall

You may wonder why we choose this collaboration and our kind gift from John and his wife.

We have very fond memories of Cornwall. My sister (Mrs S’s eldest daughter) lived in Cornwall for sometime with her husband. We visited throughout the year, for holidays and weekends.

Families times are precious, making memories that last a lifetime, and I have some very fond memories of our visits to Cornwall. Sharing one house, waking up to family breakfasts, barbecues in the summer and visiting many Cornish villages and beaches.

Padstow is and will always be one of my favourite locations. I love the harbour, the pasty shop and the long walk across the top with the breath taking views of the Camel Estuary. Those memories will stay with me a lifetime.

Cornwall also holds some sad memories, it was the last holiday we shared with our grandmother. Mrs S has a photograph of the four of us, it is much treasured. We will all remember the day we visited St Michael’s Mount, it was wet and incredibly windy. We all huddled together, Nan in the middle as we walked. We some how managed to beat the wind and arrived safely. I can still hear my Nan chuckle as the wind caught our rain macs and almost took us off our feet. The following winter, Nan died and those memories of our holiday are cherished by us all.

So yes, Cornwall means a lot to us and when we were asked to selected a framed poster from John and Joanne’s work we were thrilled to be given the opportunity.

Our Gift

It was so very difficult to choose, every poster we looked at we loved.

We decided on Falmouth. It’s this vintage style poster, that captures our most cherished Cornish memories.

Upon opening, I gasped, the colours are spectacular. Art is known to be unique, these posters are exceptional and very good quality.

We love the blues of the sky and sea, where one ends the next starts. Feeling a light breeze around us, and the boats clinking in the open sea. The sound of the seas soathing ripples, where it rolls in to greet you and takes all life’s troubles away with it.

And of course the squark of the seagulls overhead waiting to swoop on the next unsuspected person to take their lunch.

John and Joanne have captured all of this in one piece of artwork. When I look at it it comes alive, and it’s This I love so much about it.

It currently hangs on our kitchen wall, where we see it daily and brings back memories of our family days in Cornwall. It will also sit perfectly on our hallway wall, by our desk, and on the bedroom fireplace. It is very versatile in location.

Our gift arrived, well packed and the corners of the frame protected. I love this, as it shows care has been taken to ensure it arrives in tip top condition. There is nothing worse than bashed corners on frames.

I hope Nan will love our choice, she always said a well dressed Home had lots of good pictures on the walls.

Thank you both, for such an exception gift. It’s well treasured.

The John Dyer Gallery

The John Dyer online Gallery is one that deserves to be viewed and you can do so here. You can also arrange viewings, through private appointments, at their Edwardian property in Falmouth, Cornwall.

“A Retrospective Painting the Colours of the World” exhibition is currently underway at Falmouth Art Gallery and runs until 23 June 2018. This celebrates the work of John Dyer on the occasion of his 50th Birthday.

Happy Birthday John, we hope you enjoy your celebrations.

Meet The Artists

After receiving our gift, which hangs proudly on our kitchen wall, we wanted to learn more about John and Joanne’s business. John very kindly agreed to respond to our “Meet The Artist” questions.

Tell us a little about your business, your products and how your product is different.

My wife, Joanne Short, and I are lucky to be two of Cornwall’s best loved and most widely collected artists. My work is probably the best known of all artists in Cornwall and over the past 25 years we have built up a huge following. I work with some amazing organisations too. I am the artist in residence for Darwin 200, Newquay Zoo, Girl guides centenary, Tall Ships regatta – three times, Tresco estate, Kim Wilde, Alan Titchmarsh, BBC Gardeners’ World Live and many more. Our business bridged the gap between our collectors and our work without needing a third party gallery. This allows us to exhibit paintings in amazing locations and to run huge community projects. The last project involved over 1,000 children from across the world painting Amazon rainforest painting is based on tribal culture and we did that with the Yawanawa tribe of Brazil and the Eden project.

How did you start your business and how has it grown?

I started by painting and painting from the heart. Picknicking on the cliffs in Cornwall and then exhibiting in galleries. VERY quickly my work resonated with people and publishers asked to be involved. Habitat published posters and a large range went worldwide throughout the Art group making my work “famous” almost overnight. That built until we could self represent through our John Dyer Gallery website.

Have you always been creative?

Absolutely – we all are. If we are not creative we are not human. Creativity allows us to survive, develop and explore. I have always been totally involved in creativity. It is me. Every child is a natural artist until we train them out of it! It is such a disaster really. I started painting and drawing, and then focused on photography. I graduated with a degree in design from London and then painted full time.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My family and my life. I also love the natural world and the ethnobotanical stories that creates. I love colour, narrative and fun. The simple process of squeezing paint onto canvas is always a huge joy. NO technology, just me and the paintbrush and away I go. It is a real joy.

What does being an artist mean to you?

I am my art and my art is me. Without my ability to connect to the world through art I would find connecting with people and places very hard. Being an artist allows me freedom, I have never had a full-time job, I am free to travel and to take as much time as needed for my children. Life is peachy 🙂 Having said all that it is very hard work, and days are long. I can’t remember the last time I had a weekend or evening off as there is so much to do. It isn’t just painting but organising exhibitions, frames, accounts, vat, dealing with thousands of customers each year and constant packing up of prints and paintings. My wife and I do everything ourselves to keep it lean, efficient, personal and successful.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Some sun after all this hideous cold ‘climate change’ weather. I have a retrospective exhibition that opened in April and that runs into June which is very exciting. Kim Wilde, Toyah, Alan Titchmarsh and Tim Smit have all supported this and it will be exciting to revisit these relationships and to push forward with my new environmental project ‘Last chance to paint’.

What’s ahead for John Dyer Gallery?

The gallery will continue to grow and to offer a wider selection of our paintings and prints. As mentioned above the ‘Last chance to paint’ project will be huge as it will take me all around the world and we will use the website to connect thousands of schools directly to climate change issues is an amazing and positive way. we intend to make a big difference if we can and the online world it the way we can do this. Our international working partners will be key in helping us to roll this out. Wish us luck!

We wish you every success with the “Last chance to paint” project and look forward to watching your success unfold.

Thank you

Thank you, John and Joanne, for our gift and for choosing us to work with you. Every time we look at our poster it brings back many memories.

Further Information

If you are looking for a gift for Father’s Day, new home, wedding present or Cornwall is a favourite, it is well worth visiting the galleries webpage here.

You can also find them on Facebook here, Instagram here and twitter here.

Enjoy the weekend,

Serendipity Loves x

* This post is sponsored, we received a framed vintage poster of our choice in return for an open and honest review.


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