Winifred and Gladys

Winifred and Gladys - Our Etsy Shop

Winifred and Gladys are based in Wales, we sell affordable bits and bobs for the home, accessories for you and gifts for others. We are a sister business to Serendipity Loves.

Serendipity Loves is where we share our inspiration for interiors, books, gardening and hobbies. All our items are handmade by us.

We have inherited the creative and crafty gene, from our mother, grandmother and many generations before. We have very fond memories of sitting down for them to teach us to sew, knit and embroidery . Each having their own skill. We also have fond memories of watching them make handmade items and now have the pleasure of making them ourselves to include in our shop on Etsy.

We are currently working on a few new items which are due to appear in our shop for October 2018, just in time for Christmas.

You can find our Etsy store Here

Winifred & Gladys xx